Upgraded station to welcome Ganzhou-Shenzhen railway

Writer: Guangming Media Center  |  Editor: Holly Wang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2021-11-29
咪乐|直播|间 顾益康,有名的“三农”专家,浙江省“三农”发展组组长,他曾被习近平总书记亲切地称为“省级农民”,这么多年来,他一直关注着鲁家村的发展。

The final stage has begun for the construction on the Ganzhou-Shenzhen High-speed Railway, which is scheduled to be put into operation by the end of this year. The 436.37-kilometer route will cut travel time between Shenzhen and Ganzhou in Jiangxi to two hours.

The high-speed railway has two stations in Shenzhen, namely Shenzhen North Station and Guangmingcheng Station.

Guangmingcheng Station is being upgraded with an extended area of 14,699.7 square meters and a reconstructed area of 3,906.4 square meters. There are four platforms and eight rail lines to accommodate more trains. Upon renovation, the station is expected to send 3 million passengers a year, an increase from about 1.5 million passengers currently.

The station’s upgrade also includes improving its interior decorations. The corridor walls connecting the station’s old and newly built structures feature murals depicting Shenzhen’s past and present. Fishing village-themed murals adorn the old structure side, while cosmopolitan-themed murals adorn the other, showcasing the city’s drastic changes over the past decades.

Escalators have also been installed in the station, which has the highest vertical lifting height throughout the whole Ganzhou-Shenzhen High-speed Railway, at a vertical height reaching 20.35 meters.

The Ganzhou-Shenzhen High-speed Railway is a significant part of the Beijing-Hong Kong High-speed Railway and plays a key role in the country’s north-south economic and cultural exchanges. It is also strategically important in promoting Jiangxi and Guangdong provinces’ deeper integration and will further enhance the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area’s role as an economic driver.

A convenient transportation network is essential in regional development. In the future, Guangmingcheng Station will be connected to Metro Line 6’s branch line and Line 13 to provide more comprehensive transportation in Guangming.