Final exhibition of ‘Nine-Tiered Pagoda’ project opens

After the first eight exhibitions of the Pingshan Art Museum’s “Nine-Tiered Pagoda: Spatial and Visual Magic” project opened last year and this year, the ninth and final exhibition of the project has recently been presented to the public.

Shinjiro Okamoto displays pop art in town

Shinjiro Okamoto, a well-known Japanese pioneer of pop art, is exhibiting his works at CASHART and Artisse Place in Nanshan District.

‘CINEK – Echo Me’ at Jupiter Museum of Art

Visual artist Marcin Porebski from Poland is holding an art exhibition titled “CINEK — Echo Me” at the Jupiter Museum of Art in Futian District.

Two shows in Guangming center

There are two shows in Guangming center this week.

Musical, Bach cello at Bay Opera

There are a musical and a show at Bay Opera this week.

Classic painting glitters in dance show

The well-known “A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains” painted by Wang Ximeng (1096-1119) has inspired many cultural products, including a new dance drama, “Only Blue and Green,” which will premiere in Shenzhen with four shows this week.